Anna Snider

W4969 Takodah Dr, Fond du Lac, WI, 54935 USA

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Nationality: American


Sustainable Supply Chains, Farmers’ Organizations, Gender




Eighteen years of experience leading research, extension, sustainable agriculture and organizational development including work in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

USAID-funded projects in Senegal, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Lebanon, Malawi and Bangladesh.

Building effective partnerships for sustainable coffee supply chains and rural development.

Conscientious, results-oriented leader with excellent writing and presentation skills and an international professional network.




USAID Farmer-to-Farmer Program, Myanmar, Nigeria, Senegal, Bangladesh,

Lebanon, Malawi, Kyrgyzstan                                                                                                   2008-present

International Technical Consultant and Trainer

·      Participatory capacity building for cooperatives and extension workers to improve resilience, management practices, strategic planning and ICT4D,

·      Preparation and operationalization of gender action plan for value chains,

·      Training for certified cooperatives in governance, leadership and gender mainstreaming,

·      Increase participation of women and youth in entrepreneurism and community organizations,

·      Organizational and curriculum development for vocational horticulture training centers,

·      Climate-smart agriculture, IPM, organic waste recycling, water management workshops for market farmers and agribusinesses,

·      Build partnerships with private companies, NGOs, farmers’ organizations and governmental organizations to support sustainable agriculture.


SupAgro, Montpellier, France, Technical University of Madrid, Spain, International Center for Agronomic Research (CIRAD), France, CATIE, Costa Rica,                                                        October 2012-June 2016

PhD Research Fellow, Sustainable Supply Chains, Agriculture Transformation by Innovation

·           Manage three-year €129,000 European Union (EU)- funded agriculture value chains and development project across four countries, reporting to funders every 6 months,

·           Household surveys, stakeholder interviews, focus groups and analysis of qualitative data,

·           Research on sustainable coffee certifications including Fairtrade, Utz, Rainforest Alliance, CAFE Practices, Nespresso AAA and organic and their effect on cooperatives, partnerships, gender equity, sustainable production practices and extension services,

·           Research on farmers’ organizations and their role in building social capital, facilitating climate-smart agriculture and accessing markets,

·           Liaise with stakeholders in the sustainable coffee supply chain,

·           Compare voluntary sustainability certifications in Latin America (coffee) and West Africa (cocoa),

·           Participate in international work teams focused on agriculture innovation and rural development.




USDA/NIFA, Cornell University Extension, Westchester County, New York         Jan. 2005- Sept. 2012

Extension Resource Educator, Horticulture, Natural Resources and the Environment

·           Maintain a portfolio of community outreach and development projects,

·           Write proposals, feasibility studies, and outreach to new partners,

·           Develop and manage Certified Tree Steward Program for municipal employees in conjunction with USDA, county government and Cornell University,

·           Monitoring, evaluation and reporting on grant-funded and fees-for-services community development,

·           Build successful partnerships for Farm-to-Fork initiatives,

·           Liaise with partners, stakeholders and subcontractors in agri-business development,

·           Manage, train and supervise 150 volunteers and staff in over 50 community development projects,

·           Organize and develop over 200 environmental conferences, programs and workshops,

·           Annual reporting to USDA, state and county governments and Cornell University,

·           Develop programs in childhood nutrition, school gardening and obesity prevention from program conception, budgeting, grant writing, risk management, program delivery, evaluation and reporting,

·           Write and edit newsletters for homeowners and industry professionals.



Nutra-Park, Inc, Middleton, WI, USA                                                               September 2000-August 2003                                                 

Research Project Coordinator, Post-Harvest Value Chain

·           Supervise and conduct over 150 post-harvest value-chain research trials on agricultural crops in the US and South America,

·           Reach out to new customers and build partnerships with stakeholders.




International Programs, University of Wisconsin-Madison                                          January 2018-present

Honorary Associate


·         Contribute to USAID and USDA RFP for grants and contracts.

·         Create inter-departmental partnerships to increase international engagement of CALS.


Land o’Lakes International Development, Lilongwe, Malawi                                                       April, 2018

Consultant and Trainer, Gender and Value Chains


·         Develop and operationalize gender action plan for value chains for Land o’Lakes International Development’s $17 million USDA-funded MSIKA project,

·         Develop training modules and toolkit and train field and office staff on gender integration in value chains and gender mainstreaming for organizations,

·         Liaise with local NGOs to create video resources for gender training.


Winrock International Farmer-to-Farmer, Ayadaw Township, Myanmar                                   January, 2018                 

Consultant and Technical Trainer


·         Assess threats to soil fertility and erosion in multi-cropping systems,

·         Train members of farmers’ organization on organic waste recycling, soil fertility and soil and water management.

·         Create action plan to prevent soil fertility loss, reduce erosion and reduce dependence on chemical inputs.



Winrock International Farmer-to-Farmer, Tambacunda, Senegal                                              August, 2017        Consultant and Trainer, Organizational Development


·         Assess organizational threats and opportunities of certified banana cooperative,

·         Provide participatory training in cooperative governance, strategic planning, leadership and conflict management,

·         Develop action plan to increase the participation of women and build resilience in the cooperative.


Winrock International Farmer-to-Farmer, Kaduna, Nigeria                                                           June, 2017

Consultant and Trainer, Food and Nutrition Security


·         Training of trainers for NGO leaders, women’s groups and farmers in nutrition, food security and sack farming.


Winrock International Farmer-to-Farmer, Cross River, Nigeria                                                  October, 2016                                             

Consultant and Trainer, Organizational Development


·         Capacity building for extension workers to transition to decentralization of extension system,

·         Organizational development in cooperative governance, strategic planning, leadership for farmers’ organizations,

·         Develop action plan for engagement of women and youth in agribusinesses and farmers’ organizations.


Winrock International Farmer-to-Farmer, Saint Louis, Senegal                                                  March, 2016

Consultant and Trainer, Organizational and Curriculum Development


·         Assist teachers at two vocational horticulture schools to develop a competencies-based curriculum,

·         Train teachers in improved teaching methods and hands-on education,

·         Organizational development plan for vocational horticulture schools.


Winrock International Farmer-to Farmer, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon                                             August, 2012

Consultant and Trainer, Organic Waste Recycling


·         Consulting on implementation of composting systems for greenhouse growers,

·         Training of farmers on composting, soil fertility and water management.


Winrock International Farmer-to-Farmer, Osh, Kyrgyzstan                                                           June, 2008

Consultant and Trainer, IPM, Vegetable Production, Soil Fertility Management


·         Capacity building workshops in climate-smart agriculture, IPM, organic waste recycling, water management for market farmers and agribusinesses,

·         Consulting on pest management and good agricultural practices.




Joint PhD in Sustainable Management and Planning Rural Development Projects      

June, 2016                                                                                                                               

The Role of Farmers’ Organizations in the Management of Sustainable Coffee Certifications in Costa Rica

High honors

Montpellier SupAgro, France, Technical University of Madrid, Spain


Master of Science, International Horticulture                                                                      

September 2004                                                                                                                                     

Structure and Function of Urban Horticulture Schemes in London, England

University of Essex, Writtle College, UK


Bachelor of Science, Horticulture, Natural Resource Management                                              

June, 1998

University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA




Certificate in Nutrition and Health: Micronutrients and Malnutrition                                   

December 2016

Wageningen University, Netherlands                                                                               

Certified Volunteer Administrator                                                                                        

December 2010

Council for the Certification of Volunteer Administration, Midlothian, VA, USA                                                                                                                                     



Snider, A., Peri, I., Monaco, C. Carà. G. (2018). Rural Development Grounded in Cultural Capital: Building Social Capital for Participation in Food Labels for Small Dairy Producers in Sicily, Italy. Agriculture and Human Values Conference, Madison, Wisconsin.

Meyer, C., Barham, B., Early, M, Snider, A. (2018) Building Resilience in the Coffee Supply Chain: Going Beyond Certification Systems to Improve Environmental and Social Outcomes. Agriculture and Human Values Conference, Madison, Wisconsin.

Snider, A., Afonso Gallegos, A., Gutiérrez, I., & Sibelet, N. (2017). Social Capital and Sustainable Coffee Certifications in Costa Rica. Human Ecology, 45(2), 235-249. doi:10.1007/s10745-017-9896-3

Snider, A., Gutiérrez, I., Sibelet, N., & Faure, G. (2017). Cooperatives and Voluntary Coffee Certifications: Rewarding Progressive Farmers or Engendering Widespread Sustainability? Food Policy, 69, 231-242.

Snider, A., Kraus, E., Sibelet, N., Bosselmann, A. S., & Faure, G. (2016). Influence of voluntary coffee certifications on cooperatives’ advisory services and agricultural practices of smallholder farmers in Costa Rica. The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, 22(5), 435-453.

Snider, A., Canwat, V., Mogonchi, N., Malumo, N., Sibelet, N., & de Neergaard, A. (2014). Farmers' Organisations in Nnindye, Uganda: Building Social Capital for the Conservation of Natural Resources. Paper presented at the Tropentag, Prague, Czech Republic.





Skills: Creative Problem Solving, Program Management, Cross-Cultural Competencies, Building Effective Partnerships, Organizational Development, Teamwork and Leadership, Communication, Stakeholder Engagement, Monitoring and Evaluation, Gender and Youth Engagement, Management of Human and Social Capital, Curriculum Development, Qualitative Research, Surveys, Interviews, Livelihood Assessment


Languages: English (mother tongue); French (professional proficiency); Spanish (professional proficiency)


Countries of Work Experience: Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Malawi, Uganda, Senegal, France, Spain